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Bonuses are outdated in the age of knowledge work
Bonuses are outdated in the age of knowledge work

[Image: istock-1216165610_2.jpg?itok=wjprtJw2]

If you had to guess, how much do you think the average Wall Street bonus rose last year? Five per cent? Ten per cent?

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Try a 20 per cent rise to US$257,500, well above the 7 per cent annual inflation rate eating into ordinary workers’ wage gains and the highest average sum since the 2008 financial crash.

It is not much different elsewhere. In the United Kingdom, a raft of companies are braced for protests against bonuses that have already irked investors in everything from the Ocado online grocery group to Standard Chartered bank.

The anger is easy to understand. These are just bonuses, paid on top of hefty salaries, for reasons that often leave investors baffled.

It is hard to imagine anything changing. The idea of paying for performance is deeply ingrained.

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