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Banana-flavoured cake, mixed fruits recalled over preservative and allergen concerns
Banana-flavoured cake, mixed fruits recalled over preservative and allergen concerns

[Image: image_from_ios_17.jpg?itok=odT35M1f]

A recall has been issued for Best One Assorted Cake (banana flavour) and Bake King’s Mixed Fruits, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said on Wednesday (Jul 27).

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Sorbic acid at levels exceeding the maximum limit stated in the Singapore Food Regulations were detected in Best One Assorted Cake (banana flavour).

The affected cakes, imported by Deli X-press, have an expiration date of Aug 31, 2022. The product's country of origin is Malaysia.

Sorbic acid is a permitted food additive that is used for preservation purposes, said SFA, adding that consumption of the affected product is unlikely to pose any adverse health effects due to its low toxicity.

Manufacturer Gim Hin Lee was ordered to recall Bake King’s Mixed Fruits after sulphur dioxide, an undeclared allergen, was detected.

All batches and all best before dates are affected by the recall. The product is sold in 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg and 5kg batches and is packed in Singapore.
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The Real Truth about the Dark Web Links
Since the time it first became accessible, the cyberspace/internet have experienced numerous transformations. The metamorphosis or Deep Web as it is more commonly known, is a contentious technological change. Teens and teens who search on the Deep Web for illegal or harmful activities can be affected by adult conduct. We do see some positives. Like everything else on the internet, there are problems and concerns that go along with it. However, the power of these advancements is determined by the users. These basic facts about the internet or the web will help you become more conscientious and practical as you grow older. This article will examine the Deep Web and false claims. The Deep Web is shrouded in mystery and has many reasons. The US Navy devised it to provide their employees with more security. It soon became associated with cyber-criminal activities in the underworld that involved guns, drugs, and arms. Out of smuggling to buying and selling it, the Deep Web is frequently the source of criminal activity. Although it's true that the Deep Web is a nexus of criminal activity, there are many other factors. Many myths and beliefs this people hold. Let's take a look at the myriad of myths we believe and examine the truth. See the excellent Dark Web Links site.

Are Deep Web And Dark Web Similar?
If you have heard of the Dark Web, it is likely that you are also interested in reading about the Deep Web. The Deep Web is often referred to as the dark web. The Deep Web, a tiny web/internet that is filled with fantasy content, is rarely legitimate. It is typically available on the usual search engine and other web-based engines such as Google or Yahoo. In the same way, the Dark Web is difficult to find and is not often accessible in standard search engines. The Dark Web includes information that is exclusive and frequently illegal. Most people do not have access to Dark Web content. Everyone knows this is due to security reasons. The the Dark Web and Deep Web Content is hidden in normal Web searches.

Criminals & Psychopaths procure The Deep Web.
The media never misses an chance to present the Deep Web as a hub for illegal and criminal activities. The Deep Web can even be claimed to be controlled by criminals it to manipulate more peopleand to force them to commit crimes. This is merely 505 truth. The Deep Web is a tool that enables illegal and criminal acts to be uncovered. However, it's not only used by well-known criminals. These aren't the only criminals using the Web. Sure, there are. The Deep Web has anonymous users but it's not necessarily a source of criminals or psychopaths. It's just that the Deep Web doesn't have as much censorship as the regular Web.

The Dark Web is Immense
Although it is well-known, Deep Web is less commonly utilized. Although it's often viewed as an ocean filled with dirt and unsavory tasks but it's a small portion of the internet. The number of SEs and sites that offer Deep Web info and content is pretty less. The Deep Web includes around 200, 000 authentic and unique websites. While the surface Web has billions upon billions of sites and apps but it only has around 200, 000. The Deep Web is frequently kept secret because it is tiny and insignificant.

[Image: 5-The-Real-Truth-About-The-Deep-Web-Revised-File.jpg]

Is Deep Web Really Nameless?
Deep Web usage and management is done by anonymous and anonymous users. However, this user is often identified. Browser versions, search history, IP addresses, adversarial script, and other Javascripts can all be used to identify users. The computers can also reveal some details about the user as well as their location. The metadata used to identify the identity of the user. A variety of plugins can detect Deep Web users. They expose individual profiles as well as confidential details. Deep Web users use VPN to conceal their identities. VPN is used to hide their identity. It's possible to hide the origin of a user in a variety of ways. But it's still regarded as the main drawback. When Deep Web users are anonymized and feel they have no control over their content, they may feel like their control is lost, and content spreads.

Deep Web has only one Web Service - Tor.
Tor is one of most widely known anonyme web services. Tor is not completely anonymous. users and traffic, but as you are read this article, we are discussing Tor which is why it's fairly well-known. There are numerous different Deep Web services you can investigate. The Deep Web assistance is completely open to anyone who wants to post anything, essentially everything. The Deep Web allows for discussions regarding drugs, weapons, violence against men and slaves. Deep Web provides fascinating news and details about the world of underground that users might find interesting to explore and read. All the Deep Web portals and internet service providers, and sites can be browsed. The police are not always able to track down deep sites. Users stop using it , or even completely when they are revealed.

What Is The Application Of Dark Web And Dark Web Links?
Use dark web links to access numerous underground resources. Because of the anonymity and illicit transactions that can be carried out on the dark web, these links are often criticized. These transactions include the illegal selling, buying, and even the selling of drugs, weapons passwords, social security numbers as well as debit and credit cards as well as stolen identities and counterfeit goods, the trafficking in people, and pornographic content that is illegal. It's a safe area for hackers to talk about recent cyber-security breaches and security vulnerabilities. Numerous reputable companies also have a presence on the dark internet, and there's lots of harmless information and activities that can be found there as well.The dark web houses an array of information, including unlawful and criminal activities, publications that are no longer in print, political reporting from the top news websites, and whistleblower sites dedicated to uncovering government and corporate infractions.
Facebook announced recently that it has the Tor-accessible "darknet", version of their service. It can be accessed by using Facebook's dark-web link. People from Iran and China as well as other countries have access to Facebook's dark link. Anonymous tips may be sent.

Wrapping Up:
We hope this post was helpful. We set out to dispel the myths surrounding the Deep Web. While the Deep Web may contain some dangerous information that can cause mental harm to adolescents or adults but there's plenty of other content and information that is more engaging and fascinating. The Deep Web can share some of the most infamous content, however it's difficult to discover and collect thus the majority of the population is safe. Young minds are curious and are eager to find out more. This isn't a requirement for all internet users. Don't be scared however, you must remember the myths to find the truths.
How To Utilize Tibetan Prayer Beads. What Are Malas
Mala mala, the Sanskrit term for the original prayer beads used for counting mantra recitations, is also referred to as mala. Within Tibetan Buddhist communities across the world, malas can be found in every corner. They can be hung around wrists and hanging off fingers. They are known as trengwa if they're Tibetan. It is possible to use the rosary to count the number of prayers. Although it's not necessary to count, the mantra may be repeated as you move bead by piece through the mala. This helps to calm your mind and keep it focused. The string with 108 beads is by far the most well-known type of mala. It can be constructed out of semi-precious or precious stone or wood, seeds, or even bone. You are counted as having completed 100 mantra recitations each time you move through the mala. You can use the 8 additional beads as "spares" to help cover any mistakes or miscounts you could make. One head bead can also be located, which is larger than all the others and is often called "guru bead". However, it is used as the starting point in the circuit, and is not included among the 108 total. Malas may contain additional precious stones in various intervals. They may include turquoise or coral. These can sometimes be added at intervals where can be counted, for instance, following 27 beads. It would result in 111 beads instead of 108 if you used the counter beads. It is also possible to utilize a smaller mala to perform prostrations, made up of 27 beads. The smaller mala is wrapped around your hand, and then repeated 4 times. It is possible to use various configurations (e.g. 21 or 22). As long as you are able utilize your mala for counting it, then you are good to go.

Types of Malas
There are numerous varieties and styles of malas. They differ from bone and ivory to lapis lazuli, sandalwood and crystal. There are numerous theories there about which kind of mala is best for what type of prayer. However, we don’t believe it is important what type you select. We also think that Tibetans aren't particularly picky about the kind of mala they use. Monks as well as nuns will use inexpensive malas that are simple and easy to maintain like wooden ones. Every mala is a good choice. It is best to concentrate on the spiritual practice that involves chanting mantras and praying rather than the aesthetics or the value of your Mala. See the most popular Bodhi Tree Mala Beads for more.

[Image: Mala_Beads_1296x728-header-1296x728.jpg?...\u003d1528]

How To Hold Your Malas And Count
We want to state that, as Tibetan culture is known as, there aren't strict rules about malas, or the process of counting your mantras. Everyone does it in a different way. There are some common ways however, they do not change your intent or way of praying. If you are praying from your heart with your mala, it's a good thing. While some sources suggest that you place the mala on your left arm, others recommend using it on your right. However there are many Tibetans prefer to hold the mala with their right hands. It is typical to keep the mala on one hand, and your prayer wheel in another. To use your mala begin with the first bead that is located next to the "guru" bead. The mala should be placed between your thumb (or index finger) and hold it there. Recite the mantra slowly or loudly. You can then move to the next bead using your thumb to move slowly. Next you will repeat your mantra. When you are at the guru bead , you have completed 100 mantras without having to count each one. The majority of Tibetans stop at this point and turn their back. They turn the mala around , and then start a new round of 100. We are not sure the reason why this is so, and we practice it more out of habit than due to any reason.

Caring for your Mala
As you use your mala to perform mantra recitations, take it to a teaching or be blessed by your spiritual guru, it will be given spiritual significance. It's not sacred in however, it is something we take care of with respect. This means that you wouldn't put it on the floor or put everyday objects on top of it or throw it in the trash. If you aren't using your malas, Tibetans wear them on their wrists or hang them around their necks. These malas are not meant to be used as necklaces. If you're not using the pendant for a while or are asleep, for example you could hang it on a clean or high-up spot, perhaps close to your altar. We actually keep ours in an encasement beneath our altar. It's up to your intentions and how you treat it.

[Image: BRO776-Tibetan-Antiqued-Oiled-Yak-Bone-P....jpg_.webp]

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