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How to stay cool at home: Heat-proof choices when renovating and furnishing your new
How to stay cool at home: Heat-proof choices when renovating and furnishing your new place

[Image: hero_istock-liudmila_chernetska_13455376...k=bkJ1ldIA]

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year in Singapore. Temperatures are soaring and nearly beat the country’s 1983 record high of 37 degrees Celsius, while people seek refuge at shopping malls and public pools.

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The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) website tells us to set our air conditioners at about 25 degrees Celsius to save money, but that’s a big ask when we start perspiring the moment we step out of the shower.

Tropical island life has its moments, but those who are here for the long haul will have to get creative without blasting our air-conditioners and hurting our planet and wallets. HDB has, and their plans to combat the “urban heat island effect” with silicon-based roofs and cooler paints are already underway. But as we hang tight for these experiments, the fortunate handful with new homes on the horizon can already start heat-proofing them.

Before fixing your new place, it’s important to find out how suitable it is first – and that means figuring out the wind flow and which direction it faces.

A west-facing apartment is among a realtor’s least favourite things. When the afternoon sun strikes, walls store heat and release it slowly over the course of the evening. A home that feels like a furnace isn’t the warm welcome we asked for, and can affect our quality of sleep if the heat does not subside come bedtime. You don’t want to be blindsided on this, so be sure to view the apartment at strategic hours outside of its “cooler” moments.
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