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Unique terror trial that changed France
Unique terror trial that changed France

[Image: _125720087_7fcc721b-d8f5-491e-992a-afc83bf19d6b.jpg]

It was a trial to match the scale of the crime.

ฝาก1 บาท รับ 50 2022ล่าสุด More than 400 survivors and relatives of the dead came forward to bear witness to France's worst peace-time attack.

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Fourteen defendants were questioned in a courtroom specially built for their trial, about the terrorist plot that claimed 130 lives on one night in November 2015.

Nine months of hearings were interspersed with breaks, each week, to allow emotions to settle.

"There has never been a trial like this in our history," France's counter-terrorism prosecutor, Jean-François Ricard, said the morning after the verdict.

"It went beyond law," said Laure Khalil, who represented more than 100 victims and their families. "I would spend hours on the phone listening to one client telling me how she felt the day before. As lawyers, I'm not sure we're prepared for this."

"This is the first time I've cried in court during a testimony," Julia Courvoisier, another lawyer for victims, told us. "This story belongs to all French people: as lawyers, we may have had less distance from the facts than in other cases."

Aside from its scale, this trial was unique in the role it played for France. The purpose-built courtroom, with cameras filming proceedings for the national record, told of a process that went beyond simple justice.

That much was clear in the space and focus given to the victims. In some ways, this trial belonged to them more than to the defendants.

It was always important that this process give survivors a chance to tell their story for the public record. It was something many of them said they valued more than anything else.

The individual judicial processes of 20 men could sometimes feel like a sideshow, set against the hundreds of searing experiences the victims shared, and against the backdrop of national trauma this event caused France.

"We waited four and a half months before the defendants could have their say," said Julia Courvoisier. "In three-day trials, you can wait a day to hear the accused. But with the number of civil parties who came to testify [here], the accused did not have the floor until January. Maybe in future, we'll have to try to find a different format."
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