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Student's family spend £500 on hotel so she can sit exams
Student's family spend £500 on hotel so she can sit exams

[Image: fd0e668b-8997-4d13-a009-9b0416a04e59.jpg]

Eighteen-year-old Seryn, from Tonbridge, usually gets the train into London to go to school.

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This week her family have had to pay £500 in hotel bills so she can stay in the capital and sit her A-levels.

"If I went to a friend's house that would be the only other option and I didn't want to do that because me and my parents decided that I wouldn't be able to have a good night's sleep before my exam," say Seryn.

Tourists aren't immune from the travel woes either. Skot Barnett and his fiancé Andy Jalfon from New Zealand are visiting family in East Grinstead.

"We were just going to use public transport for everything this week, and now it's a massive challenge," says Skot.

"We're here for another week and have events planned today in the West End and we are trying to see other family."

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