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Humans are still concerned about the development of the Derby food market.
[Image: image056.jpg]

Human remains more than 1,000 years old may lie beneath the grounds of a proposed new development in Derby.

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The committee heard that a planned food hall would be on the plot next to St. Peter's Church in the city center.Although not recorded as a burial place But experts say The area has been a place of worship for centuries. and an archaeological assessment is required.

The Conservation and Heritage Advisory Committee supports the plan. But I've heard that a full investigation can be expensive. The developers wanted to create a marketplace that could accommodate about 12 stalls and seating areas, possibly 100 people at once.

Conservation and Heritage Advisory Board which consists of council members as well as experts in architecture and heritage Discussed the plan Thursday, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.Heard a statement from Chris Wardle of the Derbyshire

Archeology and Historical Society, also a member of its advisory board, who said: "I have pointed out that there is a high probability that the land contains human burials. Many of which may have a date. In the 10th century, St. Peter's Church may have been founded.

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