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Australian actor and sex offender to be deported to UK
Australian actor and sex offender to be deported to UK

[Image: _125008207_gettyimages-478476899.jpg]

Australian sitcom actor Robert Hughes will be freed from jail and deported to the UK after serving a sentence for child sexual abuse.

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Hughes found fame for his lead role in Australian TV show Hey Dad! which aired in more than 20 countries from 1987.

In 2014 he was convicted of a string of child sexual offences - which he denied - against girls in the 1980s and 1990s.

The 73-year-old was granted parole by Australian authorities on Thursday.

Having renounced his Australian citizenship, the British national will be deported to the UK, where he will live with his wife, upon his release from prison.

Hughes has been eligible for parole for more than two years but has twice been denied freedom over concerns about his risk to the community.

He and his family deny his crimes but, since his last bid for parole, have promised he will seek psychological treatment when released and that he will have no unsupervised contact with children.

UK authorities, who have been informed of his impending release and deportation, have also since confirmed he will be monitored.

That - and a psychological assessment that Hughes has a below average risk of offending - was enough to satisfy parole authorities his risk to the community could be managed.

He will be released no later than 14 June.
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